Current Series: DAVID

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This year, Matt Ballard will be teaching through the life of David in the series "DAVID: A Man After God's Heart." Some major themes in this series include:

1. God prepares improbable people to do impossible things
2. Facing and Dealing with Fear
3. Loneliness, Fear, Anger, Rejection
4. Life in the Wilderness
5. Making God-Centered Decisions
6. Radical Generosity
7. Crown Him with Many Crowns
8. David and Politics
9. Worshipping in Spirit and Truth
10. When God Tells Us No
11. Undeservedly yet Unconditional Love
12. David and Bathsheba
13. Repentance | Psalm 51

Stand Alone Sermons
January 2022 - Present

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Throughout the year, we have the opportunity to hear scripture that isn't part of a particular, themed series.
Check out these individual sermons from 2022, and listen for how God might be using these scriptures to speak into your life.
Older sermons can be found in the 'Stand Alone Sermons - Historical' list.

Persevere in the Gospel:
May 23 - July 25, 2021

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Monte Starkes taught through the book of 2 Timothy. The Apostle Paul writes his last words to his disciple, Timothy. Some major themes in this series include:

1. The Gospel is our greatest need (2 Timothy 1:1-7)
2. Guard and Share the Gospel, knowing we will Suffer (2 Timothy 1:8-18)
3. Disciple Others and Carry out the Great Commission (2 Timothy 2:1-7)
4. Always Remember Jesus Christ, the Gospel (2 Timothy 2:8-13)
5. Rightly Handle God’s Word, do not babble or quarrel (2 Timothy 2:14-19)
6. A Heart of Repentance and Christlike Character (2 Timothy 2:20-26)
7. Love God and Others with an Agape Love (2 Timothy 3:1-9)
8. Cling to and study God’s Inspired Word of God (2 Timothy 3:10-17)
9. Profess your faith until the end (2 Timothy 4:1-8)