SPCC Parent's Day Out

tuition and policies


SCHOOL YEAR 2021-2022
A registration fee is required to hold a place for your child. This $75 fee per child is non-refundable and non-transferable. A $15 discount is offered for each additional child. To ensure a place for your child, early registration is encouraged as enrollment is based on order of registration and availability for each age group. You may enroll your child for either the Monday/Wednesday option OR the Tuesday/Thursday option – but not both.

Tuition for 2021/2022 is $225 and is due on the first of every month. Tuition is based on days registered, not days attended. Our tuition is an annual rate calculated into monthly payments. There will be no reduction for holidays, breaks, inclement weather or illness. All accounts must be kept current. After the 10th of the month, a $10 late fee is charged, and past the 25th, a letter will be sent home stating the child may not attend until the account is current. The child’s place in the class will be lost without making arrangements with the Director.

Tuition payments can be paid by check, cash or online. Payments may be submitted in a marked envelope in the dropbox in the Southpointe lobby. Please make all checks payable to “Southpointe Community Church.” Include PDO and your child’s name in the memo line. Please do not give payments to teachers or put money in backpacks or lunch boxes to ensure against lost payments or credit not given to the appropriate account.

Our program is a ministry to parents and children in our community. If any monthly assistance is needed for any reason, please contact the Director.

Sibling Discount
We offer a $15 discount off tuition for each sibling ($225 for the first child and $210 for each sibling)

SuppliesThere is a $50 per semester supply/maintenance fee for all classrooms. These will be payable at the beginning of each semester. Payment due by the end of the month in August and January.

AbsencesIf your child is to be absent, please notify us if possible so we can plan for the day. No price adjustments will be made for absences. This includes times the school is closed for holidays or other occasions because tuition is based on the total number of school days.

If for any reason you decide to withdraw your child from the program, please notify the Director immediately. We ask no less than two weeks notice given to the Director. Our budget is based on the tuition income, and advanced notice will assist us in balancing the operating expenses. You will still be expected to pay the month’s tuition in full, no refunds will be given.

Priority Registration 2022 - 2023Priority Registration is available to current PDO families who register beginning February 8, 2022. Registration will open to Southpointe Community Church members and those in the membership process on February 15, 2022. Registration will open up to the public on February 22, 2022.


Please check our PDO Handbook for our current policies regarding Covid-19 precautions; some items below may have changed.

Arrival & Departures
Drop off time is 9:00 AM. Lobby doors will open at 8:45 AM. Children are required to be signed in using our electronic check-in system, and walked to their classroom. Please wait in the lobby until the children’s hallway is opened at 9:00 AM.

We will have a pick-up line in the north parking lot, in front of the building. Any child needing to be picked up early must do so before 1:40 pm. You will be required to present your child specific SPKids PDO car-tag. If someone other than the parents/guardian will be picking the child up then arrangements must be discussed with the Director and put in writing.

Please be prompt in picking up your child. Any child remaining after 2:10 PM will be kept by the staff until the parent/guardian arrives. After 2:10 PM, a late fee of $1.00 per minute will be charged as our teachers are only being paid during the operating hours and have children to pick up themselves.

Tuition will not be discounted for days you choose to pick your child up early.

Each class will maintain a guideline of daily activities so the day runs smoothly. A schedule will be posted in the classroom as well as a copy given to the parents. Times are approximate.

Children are to bring their own snacks. We will provide cups of water during snack time or you may send a separate drink with your child.

Children are to bring their own lunch. It should be a complete meal that does not need to be microwaved or refrigerated. Please have all your child’s food cut and ready to eat in finger-food sizes. We will provide cups of water during lunch or you may send a separate drink with your child. Do not send carbonated drinks, glass containers or red juice.

We will return any uneaten food so that you are able to see what your child has eaten during the day.

Please do not send anything that contains peanuts in your child’s lunch. This is to protect the other children that may have a peanut allergy. If there are other allergies in your child’s classroom, you will be notified by the teacher.

Nap/Rest Time
Children in the Meerkat, Lemur and Monkey classrooms will have a rest time unless otherwise discussed with the Director. Please bring a nap-mat, blanket and any other sleeping comforts for older children.

Children will be required to rest on their nap mats for the allotted time. They are not required to sleep. A quiet activity may be provided while others sleep.

Outside Play
Weather permitting, the children will have outside play each day. Please bring outerwear that is appropriate for the weather. If playing outside is not appropriate, children will have group play-time to work on large motor skills.

Toilet Training - Children must be toilet trained before entering our 3 year old classes.Teachers will assist children as needed in their bathroom needs. For those currently being toilet trained, please share with the teacher special needs and requests.  All efforts will be made to aid in the toilet training process.

Class Parties and Birthdays
We will celebrate Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, and the End of the Year with a class party. Teachers will be coordinating all the details for their class.

Birthdays are very special to children and they are welcome to bring their favorite book to read during story time, an all about me bag, birthday or any other special non-food related item. Children with summer birthdays are welcome to pick a day to celebrate in the year. Please arrange all details with the teacher.