About Us


We are ordinary people: we are single women and men; single moms and single dads; families without children and families expecting children; families with many children and families whose children have left the home.

Through Christ’s finished work on the cross, we find truth, grace, and the courage to be vulnerable. Our deep desire is to “bear one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ” (Galatians 6:2). We face difficult issues, unique challenges, and hopeful opportunities. We rejoice together in moments of gladness, and we mourn together in moments of sadness.

By sharing our hearts and lives, we grow closer to one another in the richness of God’s love, experience deep friendships, and discover all that God has in store for His children.


Southpointe Community Church is more than just an organization: our vision is to become a missional-community of transformed worshipers; our mission is to seek to glorify God by bringing the Southpointe area and where we serve into a life-changing encounter with the Kingdom of God.

We believe that we exist for three simple, but profound, reasons:


Our desire is to make the person of Jesus Christ the unavoidable issue in all things, to all people.

Our desire is to see people woven into a bigger story where our lives are able to experience love and make a significant contribution.

SPCC exists to be a missional community. We are called by God to participate with Him in His redemptive work of “making all things new.” We are called by God to make a substantive, eternal difference in people, places and things.
A congregation of The Presbyterian Church in America
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